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October 27, 2012

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Mother n Child

April 7, 2009

mommy and chloe


give me that wonderful smile
make my world stop spinnin’ for awhile
look at me
talk to me in a language that only you and I understand.
touch me with those tiny little hands.
Make each of my day bright, today and tomorrow,
That is all I ask of you.


I’ll give you my beautiful smile
Make your world stop spinnin for a while
I’ll look at you
and talk to you in a language that only you and I understand.
I could only touch you with my two tiny little hands,
To let you know, how much I thank and love you,
I thank you for bringing me into this world,
The unconditional love and care you give me, and those sleepless nights
Hoping that I could make your day bright.

Key to Life

April 7, 2009

Life doesn’t start in “e” and ends in “z”
know that it’s not always easy
we can only go forward
move on and wait for life’s reward
no sense in doing CONTROL, ALT, DELETE
to re-start it.

Each one of us is unique
Make a difference, that’s a technique.
Copy and paste is not a way
Avoid CONTROL X and V; a happy life you’ll soon see.

Control Z to undo
Is all we wish to do
to correct all the mistakes we’ve done
To edit everything we wish we’ve NOT done.

Life doesn’t always as easy as we want it to be.
Long and winding road in this life’s journey.
Just let God control everything,
Accept that He is the Master and we are just human being
Let God live in our hearts;
Know that He is there for us, willing to take the rest, we just need to do our part.

Khyrztyn Chloe

March 24, 2009


It took awhile for me to have time and be able to post this topic. ( super busy kasi taking care of my baby chloe…)

Sweet child of mine, she is sleeping.. ZZzzzz.. cute cute nya. hehe! My life is different now, she has really changed my life. From a happy go lucky girl, now a fulfilled mom to a cutie baby Khyrztyn Chloe and a wife to Jepoy, ever loving husband.

To summarize the nine months I was pregnant, ’twas a happy pregnancy I must say. The baby bump pictures, I had a lot of ’em. One day, I would show them to my baby,  so that her heart could feel how much she is taken cared of and loved while she is still in my womb.

I gave birth on the 1st of February, 2009. Though the expected delivery date is on the 11th of february as per the Ultrasound test result.

When I first heard my baby cry, I was so happy and thankful to the Lord for He has given me a healthy and beautiful baby girl. He answered all my prayers. With this, I can attest to everyone that God is really there for us. I am a living proof, it’s true that we just have to pray and He will listen.

Now that baby Chloe is here, we know that this is just the start of our journey to a happy life as one happy family.

Let me leave this to you. Create your own fairy tale, believe in it, make it happen for it will happen. It’s true! Now I’m holding my little princess. In the kingdom we made, I am the Queen forever in love with my King.

What’s in the name?

The moment we knew I was pregnant, not a single second pass that we thought of a unique and beautiful name for our baby. My husband and I were discussing about it everytime. choosing a suitable name for a baby is hard I must say. It can be compared to choosing one partner in life. There could be billions of man in the world, but only one could make your heart melt and give you that one true love. Like for choosing name for our baby, there are millions of name in the world but only the name “KHYRZTYN CHLOE” made us say, it’s the one!

Khyrztyn . . . Original spelling is “K.i.r.s.t.i.n“, which means Christ follower. My husband changed it to K.H.Y.R.Z.T.Y.N. to make it more unique.

Chloe . . . which means blooming.

Early Christmas Gifts from Santa Jeff

November 28, 2008

It’s Christmas time again. Signs? it’s pretty much obvious – radio stations keep on playing Christmas songs almost everyday; everybody are busy thinking about Christmas decorations; thinking about gifts to give and gifts they are about to receive. Pretty sure, all are excited about this.

Talkin’ about gifts…. I already got an early Christmas gifts from my Wafu Honey. yahoooo! Always on the go with my Acer Aspire One Blue (windows xp edition). This one is so cute, I can bring it anywhere I want, to easy connect with my Honey. I got a cool name for my Acer Aspire One — “JeePee” ‘**wink**

Another nice gift from my Honey, a new sonny ericson p1i. whew! I also got a name for this — “Reezee”

… my new buddies …..

J e e p e e



and R e e z e e


Thank you so much Hon for the wonderful gifts…..


My pregnancy Update

November 4, 2008

As write this blog, I’m currently on my 6 and a half months of pregnancy. One week more to go for my second trimester to end and start another stage of pregnancy — the third trimester.

The second trimester has been a great experience for me. It was when the time I realize my worth of being a real woman, realizing my worth to be able to give life. I am more concern of myself now that I should always feel okay everyday. Not that I am being self-centered, this is becuase I have to take care of my baby inside my womb, since my health is my baby’s health too. I want all the best for my child. Another reason I enjoyed my second trimester? I feel more beautiful now that I’m pregnant… cheers to good life… thanks to my husband whose telling me I am beautiful every single day! (…”this does not mean that I would always want to be pregnant… na’ah! lol…….”family planning of course, ayt husband? lol … )

Though there are inevitable circumstances that happened along the way, even on my second trimester. Of course there’s the occurence of nausea and vomiting, head ache, feeling of tiredness – all these things are but just normal to any pregnant woman. Thanks God, it was not like the experience I had when I was on my first trimester of pregnancy, which I can described as a rollercoaster which I never enjoyed and hasn’t given me any fun at all. geeeez!

Here comes third trimester….seven.. eight… nine months! time to share and spend beautiful moments with my baby Khyrztyn Chloe… yahoo! I’m excited…we are excited about this… =)



A poem for my baby

October 23, 2008

To My Khyrztyn Chloe

The moment, your Dad and I knew, we are havin’ you,
Our hearts was full of happiness…
Felt like we are so blessed,
Keep thanking God for giving us a bundle of joy, that is you.

Though, it’s uneasy, your pretty mom is here, I’ll surely will NOT succomb.
So baby, be safe and feel my love, as you you stay in my womb;
for soon you’re about to explore the world,
Daddy and I is here, to guide and prepare you for the beauty you’re about to behold.

My baby, We wanna give you everything…
All the love and happiness this world can bring,
We will be the best Mom and Dad,
To you baby Khyrztyn Chloe, whom we are about to have.


October 18, 2008

Husband and I are so happy for the ultrasound result……

My family and friends too….

so here……

I am proud to present to you,

my baby GIRL…

…her heart beats 141 beats per minute….

…in her 6 months in my womb…


Chinese Pregnancy Calendar says…..

October 16, 2008

Saturday would be an exciting day for me! Can’t wait for that day to come. Countdown…two days more to go… I will be having an appointment with my O.B to determine my baby’s gender. Will it be a boy or a girl? That is, the BIG question.

A friend of mine introduced me to this Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. Well, it would not do any harm at all, if I try. Surprisingly, of all the surprises, this one was the most thing I liked. I am expected to deliver on february, 2009, by then, I am 23 years old. And Chinese Pregnancy Calendar says we are having a BABY BOY… yahoo! Hmm.. let’s see if this is true as this chart has been proven to be 93% accurate.

My mom was 22 years old when she had me (month of December), and it’s accurate to the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, which says she is having a baby girl. My mom was 42 when she had my youngest baby brother three years ago (month of June), and it also matches to the calendar chart. This Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is also true to my husband’s mom, she was 18 years old when she had him (month of July).

Let us see if the result from the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar matches with the result of my ultrasound on Saturday. Exciting! whew!

The Chinese Calendar

The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is based on legend, and has been used to predict whether an unborn child will be a boy or a girl. The chart was buried in a tomb near Beijing for 700 years. The original is in the Institute of Science in Beijing. All you need is the month in which the child was conceived, and the age of the mother at conception.

To use the Chinese pregnancy calendar, you will go down the column until you get to the age of the mother at the time of conception (it could be different if the mother has had a birthday since conceiving).

Then go across that row until you get to the month the baby was conceived. If the square is blue, it’s a boy! If the square is pink a girl is on the way!

This chinese birth chart (also known as chinese gender calendar, chinese birth calendar, chinese pregnancy calendar or chinese baby calendar) is used a lot evern today. Many people send their comments that this chinese birth chart proved very effective for them. This chart has been proven to be 93% accurate.

For more scientifically based information tailored to your cycle try our ovulation calculator and calendar that can help you plan the sex of your child based on your body’s cycle or take a look at answers to common pregnancy questions.

My pregnancy Update

September 18, 2008

GIF animations generator

First trimester of my pregnancy is over. Glad I had surpassed that period. I can only describe it as rollercoaster moments in my pregnancy. It was really a not-so-good experience for me, the nausea and vomiting and morning sickness. Well, it was all normal. All pregnant woman had experienced that.

Now, I’m on my second trimester. So far so good. I am enjoying this stage. This is the most exciting part of my pregnancy. First because, I had heard my baby’s heartbeat when I had my O.B check up. It was the sweetest sound I ever heard, nothing compares. And I can feel him move inside my womb now. I can also feel the so called “quickening”. In the next weeks to come, it will be a hard kicks, they say .. ***wink***

What I am most excited about, is the next month to come. I will be having an ultrasound appointment with my O.B. to determine my baby’s gender. Will it be a boy or a girl? Some says it will be a boy, others would say it’s a girl. I’m so excited to know…