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Getting married SOON

April 21, 2008

I decided to write this official statement regarding this matter. Because not a single day have to pass not being asked by this question. In such a way that answering it, makes me feel like a broken disc, tama ba? sirang plaka in tagalog! nyahahaha!


Kelan daw ba kami magpapakasal ni boyfriend?

Getting married for me, is as easy as having a boyfriend or girlfriend in a day, or making friends with somebody in a second, for instance. Yes, it’s E.A.S.Y, hardest part is HOW to KEEP it! And KEEPING a marriage in a right track is like solving a puzzle. Wherein, all the pieces are given already, all you need to do is connect it properly. In marriage, these pieces are LOVE, RESPECT, FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL STABILITY. Confused and can’t solve it? Then your LOST! But if you think that it’s over, worry NOT. Just like in any marriage, being LOST in the right track is normal. That is why couple have each other to help one another in making their marriage back into happy life again. Heard this in every wedding rites, ” for richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health, till death do us part”.

I mentioned earlier about LOVE, RESPECT, FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL STABILITY, to name few of the BASIC requirements in getting married. Lack one and your marriage life will be at risk. Yes, we love each other, we feel that he is meant for me, and I am meant for him. With all my heart, I respect him. But thing is, LOVE is not just enough. I am not being materialistic here, believe me. I am speaking in behalf of my boyfriend coz we share the same thought. We are just being practical, after all, you can’t just say: “Honey, 12 o’clock na, kainin na natin ang Pagmamahal or Honey, pambayad natin ang pagmamahal sa MERALCO, can it be? Yes, me alone is earning a four digit every month. But it’s not enough specially with the kind of economy that we have? I am single, yet I still ran out of money. What more if I already have a kid? Heard my officemate mother, complaining about the financial problem which leads to a fight with his husband. Whoa! No I don’t wanna scare myself, I don’t wanna scare you. These are reality. Aside from that, we don’t have a house yet, that we can call our own, even if it’s just a simple one coz I do want to stay forever with my parents. I want them to stay with me — coz it’s a different thing.

In our case, I set a different requirements for him without of course compromising the BASIC requirements mentioned above. These are just extra thing. However, I will not talk about it here. If he had already accomplished those requirements, it will only mean one thing: KASALAN NA! nyahaha!

It’s not about having a perfect marriage life. Who would NOT want a perfect marriage anyway? However, there is NO such thing as perfect marriage and perfect couple. It’s a another long story to tackle.

I can sense what you’re thinkin’.No one one would ever believe want I’m talkin about. What do I know about marriage? I’m NOT married yet! geeeez. Bottom line is, try it to yourselves! Afterall, your marriage life is what you will make it. The answer still lies in your hands.

Whoa! I didn’t notice, I had already gone this long. I am trying to make this as short as possible. Well, You see? Talkin about marrige, getting married and how to keep the flame burning, would mean talking about it your wholelife long.

Going back to the question. Kelan daw ba kami magpapakasal ni boyfriend? My answer would be: We are getting married SOOn. Big question is, HOW SOON IS SOON? Only GOD knows, for GOD will set the best place and time for us, that’s for sure!


ECO PARK Experience.. 55th monthsary speciaL..

April 20, 2008

We had a great time…

cool way to celebrate our LOVE…discover nature too!

Happy 4 years and 7 months anniversarry Honey…

Hope to have many many more anniversaries to celebrate with you! I LOVE YOU!

please visit for more pictures….


“I had a bad day…… “

April 16, 2008

“I had a bad day…… ”

This song keeps on playing in and out of my mind. I can only say “grrrrrrr…….”

I got a “love letter” that no one in the office would want to receive. I just wish it really is a love letter but unfortunately its not. A love letter with no flowers and chocolates at all. GUess you know what I mean, its an incident report a.ka MEMO. grrrr again.

We (with my other three teammates) were accused of “loafing during working hours” like chatting as in talking loudly with the team mates. Hay naku, it was unintentional. We would never want to bother anybody specially “them” — no, I don’t want to mention names here. Yeah I admit at times we are noisy. But this is the only way we can release the stress from this stressful job. Bottom line is, we are doing our job right… we are still working.



enough of this. kakasira ng mood. I accepted it wholeheartedly na lang. Anyways, it’s just a SHIT of paper. oh! forgive me for that. Just need an outlet for this.

P.S. I am not used to writing this kind of stuffs. No, I don’t hate anybody coz hating is not my game.

Whatever is the outcome of this. I’m hoping for the best.

I am a seaman’s girlfriend.

April 15, 2008

I am a seaman’s girlfriend.

He has to be away from me for ten months. Too long for some, yes it is. But I guess, I have already learned to deal with our situation though my heart cries an ocean everytime he’s on board and everytime he’s leaving me for awhile.

Long distance relationship. It comes in various forms. Whatever form it comes, it only mean that lovers are away from each other – physically but not in hearts.

This blog space is not enough. Words can’t even fully express how we deal with the situation and how we are able to survive the relationship. LOVE + GOD + constant Communication is the answer for all of these. Period.

What’s good thing about our relationship is that, once he is back, were like starting again. Excitement is always around. The feeling grows more! It always ends up me saying: HE IS WORTH THE WAIT.
He is with me for a vacation as I write this, but in a month or two, he has to work again. Working would mean leaving me again. After ten months, he is back again. Hope this cycle would end up like what every fairytale do – to live happily ever after.

Real Winner

April 14, 2008


Who would not want to win the awesome asus eeepc laptop? sure thing. everybody who submitted their entry aims for the grand prize. Count me in!

An hour ago, I logged on to candy mag website to check the status of my entry. Surprisingly, I got one comment from a blogger – (**you know who you are and I thank you for that!**); rated 5 out of 5 and had earned 2 votes! yepey! For my co-bloggers who voted for me, I got two heartfelt words for yah: THANK YOU! Keep on voting for me guys! hehehe!

I declare myself As A winner! **wink** I know there are blogs out there which are better than mine. But for me, having the courage to sign up and join this contest and the feeling that I am now exploring the world of blogging – no longer contented by just being with the four corners of my blog pages and being able to meet sweet, pretty new faces- makes me a winner! When someone out there pays attention to my work, at least give some glance on it – right then and there, that very moment, I already won!
I believe that Only the deserving ones shall get the prizes. I am not losing my hope, I am not giving up to win it. But if I may not win the prize, I will still be thankful for I know in my heart that I’ve got the chance to become at least one of the best.

May The prize be with someone who truly deserves it! Keep rockin’ candy girls. candy Mag Rules

For Fun sake: I am candymag Blog Nominee

April 13, 2008

Its cool. Eversince, I am a Candy mag fanatic. I get to learn a lot of stuffs from other teens point of view about life, friendship and relationships including fashion and health. Name it and you’ll be surprise that candy Mag has all of these things to offer!

I am a candy girl. A candy girl actively participates in everything that life offers her. I just don’t want to read, I will interact and discover the beauty of life with other Candy girls out there.

So here I am, wanna share my life too. Nominated my personal website. Like what I said: This blog shows how I positively deal with my life. Its all about loving, laughing and learning. I neither want to be credited for this nor seek an attention from anybody. I am doing this because this is want makes me happy.

Happy browsing.

Taking Rhiz—K

April 6, 2008

I said I love him. In a wink of an eye I am hating him. Yes I did. I told him I hate him.

Everything was unexplanable. He asked me twice even thrice, if what I said was true. I told him yes. He was speechless. I saw the sadness in his eyes. He was sad. He asked me why suddenly I was saying those things. I explained. I tried to but it wasn’t enough coz I, myself can’t understand what I was feelin’ that time. Hay.. babae.. babae talaga ako.

The other time, we were talking about taking risk. Prior to that, he told me, para daw ako “pako” na kelangan pukpokin bago gumalaw… akalain mo yun?!?!?? Grrrrr…Of course, I was angry. I hated him. But deep inside I was really guilty – I must admit that I am really dependent on him. I know I can really do it, but I opted not to because I know he is there for me to do it. Above all the these, all he wants is for me to learn on my own. I got his point there.

“Never risk something which you can’t afford to lose”. I asked him if he’s gonna risk me? I guess, he got what I’m tryin to say, it’s partly asking if he can afford to lose me. He said an straight answer “NO”. While hugging me, he answered, kasi daw di naman ako bagay. Ng nire-risk lang e mga bagay. sabi ko, “bakit mo ako kinu-compare sa pako”? While as I was saying this, I was crying. But now, as I type this, I was laughing. Ewan…hehehe! All I can say is thank you Hon for being patient to me.

I hurt his feelings once again. I did’nt mean it. I’m sorry. Truth is I love him – I really do.

I can’t understand myself. It doesn’t happen always, but I swear it happens often. The feeling that you want to hate your boyfriend even if he is not doing anything bad to you. I just want an argument. Maybe you would think that I just want some extra attention from him. But I swear its not. I can’t explain it. Oh well, enough of this. If somebody out there could explain this to me scientifically, much better! Your explaination is highly appreciated …


April 3, 2008

e2 na naman ako… just wanna share what’s on my mind. Hayz.. it’s hard bein’ solo.. it’s 6:20 pm. I’m alone at the office.

.. Oh 30 minutes more to go, I’m goin’ home.. yepey! My Honey already texted me that he’s on his way to fetch me up. Good thing he’s always there for me no matter how busy his sched is.

Now my mom is at ease knowing that Jeff is around. She told me “maray man para may kaiba ka na pirmi” (buti naman para may kasama ka na lagi). A very trusting words from my mom. He trust Jeff a lot as I do. Mom is always right.

I thank jeff for everything that he do for me. I could not even ask for more. His presence, his support and love is enough. Last night, while we are walking along Ayala Avenue going to our place, he told me to hurry up, coz he has a lot of things to do like review for the exam and everything. Sabi nya, importante ang oras, I replied — Importante kaysa sako? He smiled. He hugged me. Gari daa ako atot.. hehehe! do I look like one? may mukha ba ang utot? hehehe! maganda naman ako kaysa utot…weeee! Of course I am important..sabi nya! kilig naman ako. A cute converation while we were “H.H.W.W-ing” .. is there such a word like that? whatever! It’s holding hands while walking. harharhar!


A proud daughter: I am

April 3, 2008

Always with his police badge (chapa) on his wallet and with his bestfriend — his gun. In whatever occasion, Papa always bring that along with him. Yes he is a policeman.

If you are going to ask my two-year-old brother where Papa is. He’ll immediately reply, “nasa Office”. Looking back when I was a kid, it was different. I often ask where Papa is? Mama would always answer me “nasa trabaho, naka duty”. I dunno why my father is always on duty.Always on his loved and respected uniform. No definite time, if duty calls, he is obliged to be there even if it’s special occasion like Christmas day.

I have an idea about his job. I can always hear Mama say that Papa is on duty — may raid, may operation, may scourt sa politicians — to name few. I don’t understand at times.Not when I saw the photo exhibit and demonstration of Philippine Army for their 111th Anniversary Celebration which was held in Luneta Park. It made me realized, how hard it is to be choosen as one of the people’s protector and country’s defender. They are not only there to defeat enemies of the country but also to help people in times of disasters. Yes, their lives are at risk, always. Yet, They choose to serve the country and the people even if it would mean risking their lives. It is indeed, a heroic act!

I am proud of my father. He has a heart to protect the country, to protect the people in whatever means he can do.

what would be the standard of success?

April 3, 2008

Everyone of us has different point of view when it comes to success – how they are able to call an every encounter in life a success.

Success depends on person’s personality and his goal in life. Success for me is to live, laugh, learn things from the jourrney of my life and learn things out of my mistakes and to love and be loved in return.

Being a simple person, my standard for success would be simple also. To see the people around me happy, my family, friends and my love ones — that would be considered as my most successful moment. I see to it that everyday would be a successful one.

I would be a sucessful person If I would be able to get what I need – not to be popular; I don’t need fame. Not to be rich; it’s not that I don’t need money. It’s something within me. Respect and love from the people whom I love, is all I need.  In addition, I would be successful if I have all the money and TIME for my family.

There is only one keyword for success. It would be LOVE. If there is love in our hearts, everything would be positive. Positivity would mean all the possibility — to become whatever who I want to be…to be successful by all means!