A Love Story: Our Story

How could I ever forget our first acquiantance.. till the feelings bloom into a one-of-a-kind love story?

Remember that even when the world forgets everything, when everybody suffer from amnesia, I will never ever forget the one that makes our world go round — you and me, our story….

We’ve been through a lot of storm, we are weak, but we never give up… our LOVE keeps us holding on..till we see the sun shines again… Through the darkest and coldest night, we keep each other warm.. In this crazy world, we are each other’s peace of mind…

I know there’s a lot more things to happen… but as long as we have each other, we will conquer every obstacle that lies ahead of us. NO one can ever tell us to stop loving each other, they will NEVER win….

Proven and tested, our LOVE through GOD’s guidance binds us so tight that even distance and time cannot separate us.. Keep on holding on……

The Journey to forever continues……..



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