A proud daughter: I am

Always with his police badge (chapa) on his wallet and with his bestfriend — his gun. In whatever occasion, Papa always bring that along with him. Yes he is a policeman.

If you are going to ask my two-year-old brother where Papa is. He’ll immediately reply, “nasa Office”. Looking back when I was a kid, it was different. I often ask where Papa is? Mama would always answer me “nasa trabaho, naka duty”. I dunno why my father is always on duty.Always on his loved and respected uniform. No definite time, if duty calls, he is obliged to be there even if it’s special occasion like Christmas day.

I have an idea about his job. I can always hear Mama say that Papa is on duty — may raid, may operation, may scourt sa politicians — to name few. I don’t understand at times.Not when I saw the photo exhibit and demonstration of Philippine Army for their 111th Anniversary Celebration which was held in Luneta Park. It made me realized, how hard it is to be choosen as one of the people’s protector and country’s defender. They are not only there to defeat enemies of the country but also to help people in times of disasters. Yes, their lives are at risk, always. Yet, They choose to serve the country and the people even if it would mean risking their lives. It is indeed, a heroic act!

I am proud of my father. He has a heart to protect the country, to protect the people in whatever means he can do.


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