Jeff: As a Poet

These poems reminded me of the early stages in our relationship. So nice and so sweet! Ofcourse we are much sweeter today, and we love each other each day. Cute lang kasi, I discovered that Jeff has this talent of making me kilig to-death not only by his deeds but also by his words…

He gave the poem entitled “To Whom And Why?” when it was our first month being together – 1st monsari. It was written on a card.. so nice and so simple but the thoughts and the content of it is more than what a girl could expect from a boyfriend.

“Dreaming of You” poem was given to me when we had our 1st year anniversarry. As I write this, we are in our 4th year and 4 months already and c.o.u.n.t.i.n.g……….., but I still kept on reading his love letters, poems and sweet nothings, specially when I feel that the world hates and against me. I just think of him, read all the things he gave me, and I’m good again… wearing a smile and ready to face the world. You see? Jeff is a drug, I just can’t resist. . . puts me on a high! whew!~


To Whom And Why?
by jeff-jeff

What lips my lips have kissed?
To whom and why?
No doubt I gave it to thee
I held thy hand and kissed it with full of respect;
A pinch of tears fall gently
Like tears from heaven.

The rain destined us to feel
the sweetest kiss;
The ghost of the night scared us to feel the warmest embrace;
The saints blessed us to
express our feelings.

My love for you reached the depth of my soul.
I love you as high as the heaven above;
I love you with full of respect and praise;
I love you with the smile and suffering of all my life.


“Dreaming of You”
by jeff-jeff

Whenever I’m alone, I think and dream of you,,,
Dreaming that most of us often do!!!
Dreaming memories whether good or bad
Whenever I’m alone it’s all I ever had…

Dreaming of us in a romantic night,,
With a sweet music that seems so right
Then you kiss and hug me so tight,,,
That makes my tomorow very bright!!!,,,

Dreaming of sometimes I don’t know,,,
Wondering why it makes my eyes glow!!!
It makes my heart beats faster,,,
And makes me love you more than ever…

There was a time I’m afraid of dreaming
Coz I know we don’t know what tomorow may bring
But now that i have you I’m dreaming once more,,
Coz I know you’ll stay with me forevermore..


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