Jepoy: As a record artist

while checking out my old stuffs (again!) I saw this something from baby jeff jeff ko. I could say its one of the best and great gift given to me ever. Cliche as it may seem, but it is true that the best gift is not measured by the amount of money it costs but the thought it conveys and of course the effort.

Maybe, your trying to figure out what-is-it, right? Well, its a cd album. A compilation of love songs and our favorites. All for me — sabi nya… kilig na naman ako syempre! hehehe! who would not be if someone special gives this kind of stuff, right?

And here’s the thing, he sang all the songs in there! cute…hehehe! I hope I could share it with you, but I can’t and ayoko. Baka madiscover pa sya, pagkaguluhan ng mga fans, agawin sakin… hahaha! paranoid? baliw lang talaga..

Anyway back to the topic, the album is made to be like the real album a real singer has. It has an album cover (his picture) and a title “FOR YOU”. Album composed of old time songs You by Basil Valdez, I will Be Here and Beauty and Madness.


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