Let’s celebrate LOVE

Isn’t it cool if we celebrate Heart’s day everyday?

Popularly known as Valentine’s day. Puso day.. Heart’s day… Whatever! It only means one thing – celebration for love. Oh yeah love – the only thing in this world everybody is interrested of, makes everybody say Oh lala… hahaha!

When it comes to LOVE , everybody has something to say about it — be it bitter or sweet..

On Valentine’s day, it isn’t necessary to buy your partner an expensive gifts. What’s most important is to show your sincerest and honest love for your partner. After all, LOVE doesn’t cost a thing.

Come to think of it.. It’s cool to celebrate Valentine’s everyday. Love is there always.. Atleast, there’s peace and harmony on Earth.. Coz instead of making war, you’ll make love.. good isn’t it? Let’s make Earth a Heavenly one.<wink>

Yes! It is really cool to celebrate Valentine’s everyday. Opz.. don’t yah worry about gifts.. you need not to give an expensive gift everyday.. unless your rich. But like what I said LOVE don’t cost a thing. <Oh well, that’s for me, ewan ko sa iba .. wihihihi! > Just a simple smile, thank you, warmest hug and sweetest I love you is enough. Be sincere! That is the secret of it…

Happy Puso Everyone!


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