IF we will all live in doubts, there is no way we can experience the true happiness, the true meaning of LOVE.

A good friend of mine once asked me, “what if he’s not the one and you’re not meant to be?” Referring to me and my significant other — our relationship! Actually, I have been asked many times by exactly the same question. Way back in college, another good friend of mine confessed tome that she thought, Jeff and I will not survive the relationship,considering that he is in Manila having a training for seamanship and Iam still in my third year in college. I’m thankful to God that despite the distance, we have overcomed all the trials that came our way. We haveproved to them that distance isn’t a hindrance for pursuing the relationship. I am not saying that what Jeff and I have is a perfect relationship. Never did I claimed that.. never will I. Our relationship has its ups and downs, sometimes smooth sailing, we’ve been through a lot of storms, sometimes we’re on the rocks, like what other couples are experiencing. However with God’s help we are able to survive… to go on.. to realize that we need each other and we truly love each other.

Going back to the question of my good friend. “what if he’s not the one and were not meant to be?” I told her “e di not meant to be… I mean.. habang kami..habang love nya ako..habang love ko sya. I’m gonna give my all..After all, Love is taking a risk.

Yes. Love is a risk. As the saying goes, “To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.” I would rather risk and fail, than NOT to risk at all. Same thing as taking the risk and experienced to love and be loved or don’t risk anything at all and never experience being happy.

She told me. Yes I’m right but not too much. It is taking risk and everything but not like that. I told her “Pag puro ka what if’s wala mangyayari. I mean give everything you have,, give everything you can give coz you only have once in a lifetime to experience great love. Why would you hold back your feelings, is it just becuase your afraid to fail in the end? What if you are really meant to be? Are you gonna let your partner suffer because all you have in your heart is doubt? I guess the right words should be, give all the best in you… give all the best that you can give. I don’t want to regret in the end.

She told me that she does’nt want me to be hurt. That I am wrong. I should have leave something for myself. Coz what if we are not meant to be together in the end, she’s afraid I’m might just break down and think of not pursuing my life anymore.

For me, if ever we are not meant to be, I am not afraid of the consequences that might occur in the long run, coz I know God has planned good things for us.He knows that what Jeff and I feel for each other is genuine, so He will not just let bad things happen to us. We just leave everything up to Him for He knows everythig that’s best for us. If ever we fail.. atleast I will never regret everything for I know that once in my life I have been loved and has loved genuinely.

My friend told me she has been there already. She has given up everything. Thought it is forever, but the relationship had failed. Guess, it’s a case to case basis. We should have not generalize things. I dunno. Coz if this is what everybody would think of… what is now the true essence of LOVE if all you have is doubt? As long as I am happy, I will not worry that things would end up. Just cherish every moment -treasure every single second when you are together.

All I can say is thank you to my friend. Thank you for the wonderful conversation. Thank you for the good question. Thank you for opening up my mind. After we have talked, I realize… God is so good to me for He has never implanted any doubts in my heart when it comes to loving Jeff. I trust him a lot. I love him.

After reading these. In know what’s on your mind again. “LOVE na
naman? walang katapusang LOVE”. First thing, bakit ba? blog ko ‘to,
wlang pakialamanan. Besides, I don’t owe anybody an explanation why the hell I am so inlove with LOVE?

OH gosh… I will neither further explain nor make the discussion long
about why are people being so mean.. These lines goes for you .. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!duh!

Rhiz calm down.

Atleast I’m not like other people, who’s playing the game of love…basta kami happy!


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