e2 na naman ako… just wanna share what’s on my mind. Hayz.. it’s hard bein’ solo.. it’s 6:20 pm. I’m alone at the office.

.. Oh 30 minutes more to go, I’m goin’ home.. yepey! My Honey already texted me that he’s on his way to fetch me up. Good thing he’s always there for me no matter how busy his sched is.

Now my mom is at ease knowing that Jeff is around. She told me “maray man para may kaiba ka na pirmi” (buti naman para may kasama ka na lagi). A very trusting words from my mom. He trust Jeff a lot as I do. Mom is always right.

I thank jeff for everything that he do for me. I could not even ask for more. His presence, his support and love is enough. Last night, while we are walking along Ayala Avenue going to our place, he told me to hurry up, coz he has a lot of things to do like review for the exam and everything. Sabi nya, importante ang oras, I replied — Importante kaysa sako? He smiled. He hugged me. Gari daa ako atot.. hehehe! do I look like one? may mukha ba ang utot? hehehe! maganda naman ako kaysa utot…weeee! Of course I am important..sabi nya! kilig naman ako. A cute converation while we were “H.H.W.W-ing” .. is there such a word like that? whatever! It’s holding hands while walking. harharhar!



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