Unexpected ERAP-tion!

January 3, 2007

I accompanied my friend to the Makati Medical Hospital, the only hospital near our office, to have her check up done because she had experienced a severe back pain. It was around 10:45pm.

When we got there, we were asked to go directly to the emergency room. After checking my friend’s vitality, we headed to the Information Area at the lobby. I was just standing there beside my friend while she was being interviewd by the clerk. I noticed this man, he looks so familiar. First thing that registered to my mind is MR. Ben Abalos. No he is not! But he is familiar to me, I’ve seen him on t.v, I swear… This man was standing beside me, as if he was waiting for somebody to arrive. I told my friend about this. He was very near to us that we could hear him talking to someone on the phone, these were the exact words: “Nandyan n ba ang sasakyan ni ERAP?” whaat? ERAP daw oh? My friend and I can’t contain the excitement that we felt during that time. waaaah! is it true? si erap ba tlaga? My friend and I were smiling at each other, di pahalata, so discreet… ehehehe! Suddenly, I saw a man whom I thought was just an Erap look-a-like, stepping out of his “chedeng” car, but hey it’s really the EX president Joseph Ejercito Estrada, with Dra. Loy Ejercito beside him. Dra. Loy is on her wheel chair. I don’t know what happened to her, I just don’t care at all. All I care was the “historical thing” that happened that night, according to my friend. Next to arrive was Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, ofcourse to show a moral support to her mom.

They looked exactly the same as what you can see on t.v. What I noticed was the way Erap and jinggoy walks and their bulging belly…peace! =)I don’t know what I felt. It’s a mixed emotion. Excitement. Happiness. I’m not a fan though. In fact, I was one of those youth who was not favor of Erap during his terms as president. Plus, I have never spent a single peso in any of Jinggoy’s movie. But the feeling of seeing someone on t.v personally is different thing, though I was very discreet during that night. I have never showed any facial expression or whatsoever, deep inside I’m like a child who was happy to see a t.v personality. Jinngoy and Erap was nice, they were not that suplado, they smiled at everyone.

I even texted my friends and they were telling me to took some pictures and asked for autograph. They were crazy, no I can’t do it. Hehehe!

Oh by the way, the guy I mentioned earlier, was not Commelec Chairman Ben Abalos <he’s a PGMA supporter, and is impposible to appear on that scene supporting Erap… well it’s a different story =)> The man was Ex Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay.

I can’t believe that I could see those political figures personally and so up close, whom I see only on t.v. Things really happen unexpectedly.. Yes, we should really expect the unexpected!


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