what would be the standard of success?

Everyone of us has different point of view when it comes to success – how they are able to call an every encounter in life a success.

Success depends on person’s personality and his goal in life. Success for me is to live, laugh, learn things from the jourrney of my life and learn things out of my mistakes and to love and be loved in return.

Being a simple person, my standard for success would be simple also. To see the people around me happy, my family, friends and my love ones — that would be considered as my most successful moment. I see to it that everyday would be a successful one.

I would be a sucessful person If I would be able to get what I need – not to be popular; I don’t need fame. Not to be rich; it’s not that I don’t need money. It’s something within me. Respect and love from the people whom I love, is all I need.  In addition, I would be successful if I have all the money and TIME for my family.

There is only one keyword for success. It would be LOVE. If there is love in our hearts, everything would be positive. Positivity would mean all the possibility — to become whatever who I want to be…to be successful by all means!


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