For Fun sake: I am candymag Blog Nominee

Its cool. Eversince, I am a Candy mag fanatic. I get to learn a lot of stuffs from other teens point of view about life, friendship and relationships including fashion and health. Name it and you’ll be surprise that candy Mag has all of these things to offer!

I am a candy girl. A candy girl actively participates in everything that life offers her. I just don’t want to read, I will interact and discover the beauty of life with other Candy girls out there.

So here I am, wanna share my life too. Nominated my personal website. Like what I said: This blog shows how I positively deal with my life. Its all about loving, laughing and learning. I neither want to be credited for this nor seek an attention from anybody. I am doing this because this is want makes me happy.

Happy browsing.


2 Responses to “For Fun sake: I am candymag Blog Nominee”

  1. Filipino in Canada Says:

    thats right. do what makes you happy. good luck girl! 🙂

    by the way, do you wanna exchange links?

  2. Rhiz Says:

    thank you po…

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