Real Winner


Who would not want to win the awesome asus eeepc laptop? sure thing. everybody who submitted their entry aims for the grand prize. Count me in!

An hour ago, I logged on to candy mag website to check the status of my entry. Surprisingly, I got one comment from a blogger – (**you know who you are and I thank you for that!**); rated 5 out of 5 and had earned 2 votes! yepey! For my co-bloggers who voted for me, I got two heartfelt words for yah: THANK YOU! Keep on voting for me guys! hehehe!

I declare myself As A winner! **wink** I know there are blogs out there which are better than mine. But for me, having the courage to sign up and join this contest and the feeling that I am now exploring the world of blogging – no longer contented by just being with the four corners of my blog pages and being able to meet sweet, pretty new faces- makes me a winner! When someone out there pays attention to my work, at least give some glance on it – right then and there, that very moment, I already won!
I believe that Only the deserving ones shall get the prizes. I am not losing my hope, I am not giving up to win it. But if I may not win the prize, I will still be thankful for I know in my heart that I’ve got the chance to become at least one of the best.

May The prize be with someone who truly deserves it! Keep rockin’ candy girls. candy Mag Rules


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