I am a seaman’s girlfriend.

I am a seaman’s girlfriend.

He has to be away from me for ten months. Too long for some, yes it is. But I guess, I have already learned to deal with our situation though my heart cries an ocean everytime he’s on board and everytime he’s leaving me for awhile.

Long distance relationship. It comes in various forms. Whatever form it comes, it only mean that lovers are away from each other – physically but not in hearts.

This blog space is not enough. Words can’t even fully express how we deal with the situation and how we are able to survive the relationship. LOVE + GOD + constant Communication is the answer for all of these. Period.

What’s good thing about our relationship is that, once he is back, were like starting again. Excitement is always around. The feeling grows more! It always ends up me saying: HE IS WORTH THE WAIT.
He is with me for a vacation as I write this, but in a month or two, he has to work again. Working would mean leaving me again. After ten months, he is back again. Hope this cycle would end up like what every fairytale do – to live happily ever after.


32 Responses to “I am a seaman’s girlfriend.”

  1. spiritedlove Says:

    Hi am a seaman’s girlfriend too..for the first time he is away for 6 months to 1 year maybe..still copping up with the changes and overcoming the loneliness..

  2. Chubby_girl Says:

    I am seaman’s girl weve been t0gether for 3 years.that year is full of happines thoug its hard every because there are m0ments you really wanted to each other but the onky thing to do is to reminisce the past you ard together. I just pray always that what we started together wil always be forever.

  3. Mariel Lois Says:

    Hay 😦 This was so hard !

  4. Rhiz Says:

    hi…thanks…after 6 years of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, we are now 3 yrs happily married..we now have a 3 yr old baby… our situation (long distance) maybe hard, but if we truly our partner, we are willing to wait..even if it would mean waiting for forever..im thankful that i now, i only have to wait for 6months(new contract).. well, good enough..hehehe….
    hi..i wish all of us for a true happiness in life…………my new blog…


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  6. Shirley Says:

    I am a seaman’s girl for five years. I had to find out today if there existed a web site about us! Ok, I am not alone, feel better. No seriously, I suppose we live it all, this craving for our boyfriend while he is away, like one mentionned it is always a new beginning and yes he is worth the wait. I live in Quebec, Canada and he lives in the Netherlands. How did we meet? Well like he says to people who ask. Do you have an hour!

  7. April Kate Says:

    i’m a seaman’s girlfriend too..it’s really hard for having a long distance relationship.But as long as we love and trust each other,i know we will be happier the next time we are together.
    I’ll be waiting for 9 months or 1 year.
    I really miss him 😦

  8. monaliza Says:

    i am too its hard fop me , i wait 7months to 1yr but i love have him seriously .i mis him and i know God bless us always

  9. rezee Says:

    I’m a seaman’s girlfriend too.and its kind’a hard for me cuz’at first i really dont know what to do. I just cry and cry evryday. Don and I been together for 1year and 3mons, that moments with him is full of happiness and romance.even we fight often but it made our relationship more stronger! and now, we didnt see each other for 10mons. and waiting for 7months for him to go home. its really hard to be a seaman’s girlfriend, keeping intouch with him tru emails,fb,internets are not enough!:( but because i knew that he really loves me so much as what i did! it gives me strength ! To make this LDR strong!we must Put God between you and your partner! and I’l tell you it will work! and always be postive and patience. therer a reason for evrythng! we need to wait ,sacrifice and undrstand their situation! I know im not the only girl whos experiencing this kinda situation! Godbless us all!

  10. ritchiel Says:

    it so hard for me to adjust in this situation.but i am willing to wait him coz i love him.

  11. Rhon Valerio Says:

    i am a seaman’s girlfriend also.. and being a seaman’s girl is kinda hard.. patience,love and trust are the most important thing to keep the relationship.. and of course putting GOD in the middle of the relationship.. we are now in our 1st month of being faraway.. and we still have a year of not being with each other.. its hard to adjust because this is my first long distance relationship but we can make this relationship work with God’s help..i love him so much..

  12. Rax Candelaria Says:

    I’ve been with a seaman for more than three years. It’s hard, yes. But through constant communication, trust, respect, and prayers, we’re able to pass the distance test. We are blessed that because of technology, being far from each other is not that hard. I’m able to know his whereabouts and activities everyday as if we’re just close. I believe love is not just about being together physically. Love is a commitment and whether we are far from them or not, it doesn’t matter anymore. I am still praying for God to guide both of us and hopefully, this distance gap between us will also vanished. I know time will come when all the waiting, time differences, skype/telephone conversations will also stop. By God’s grace and perfect timing, it will happen. God bless us all! 🙂

  13. jhinie Says:

    hi.im a seaman’s gf.we’ve been together for almost 4 years now. it feels great to know im not alone.
    i strongly agree with all the experiences you’ve shared because we have the same situation. TRUST,LOVE AND PRAYER. these are the things we really need now. god bless to our relationships.
    keep sailing,keep loving.

  14. shan Says:

    I’m a seaman’s gf too……i know how it feels…….no words can describe the hard times that we are going through……TRUST is the only lamp that will lighten our journey………may God bless all of us……
    i love u da…..

    • nica Says:

      yup! It is hard of having a seamans b0yfriend especially in my case cuz im in grade 9 and my boyfriend is a seafarer. .it is hard!

  15. pink Says:

    hi! im a seaman’s gf too. (for 2yrs) we’re on the process of breaking up already. he cant commit because he is the breadwinner of the family. i think that’s pretty the same story with other seaman out there. its so sad and frustrating.

    • renuka Says:

      I m a seaman’s girlfrnd too…truely there r no words to xplAin d greif of being apart… bt trst n love makes coping up wid lonliness a bit easier… v hav been in relationship since 4yrs 8 months.. nd this was his frst sail.. and a challange to our love.. bt v proved it… its really hard.. ven u c a couple sitting beside u… its hard wen som1 ask wen did u last met ur bf.. and d ans is an year ago.. bt evrytim i ans such questns… i fall in love wid him again n again… he makes ne feel sp…n he is here ri8 now bt wen he will leave i dont know how m i gonna face that momment… god bless u oll…

    • nica Says:

      i love you m0y ko!

      😦 it is very hard! Weve been t0gether in 2years! I miss you.

    • dan Says:

      hi… it’s okay .i think you just have to give him time.. knowing that his the breadwinner ,sure he has its goal to have his family a better future same as for the both of you… think positive… trust, believe, and take a leap of faith… it will turn out well. 🙂

  16. Indoubt Says:

    Hi.. Same situation here.. Been a girlfriend of this seaman for 4 years now…for the first time that he went on board, it’s too sad and I miss him so much.. Every time he leaves me, I always end up crying in the airport.. I’m afraid and even can’t imagine not ending up with him… We have plans for the future of course… And that includes fulfilling my dreams too.. Long before we met, I have this dream of working abroad.. I continue to process my application and that’s the time I met him… At first, it seems not to worry me of my application because of the slow processing… He knew my plans and is okay with it… We discussed this and he said if my application will be approved he’ll wait for me hell continue to be a seaman and by that time we can save money for us… It sounds ok at first… But by the time my application was approved, I am turned into staying and just be with him waiting or fulfilling my dreams… I know it would maybe take years before I can return… And afraid that it would change everything between us… I discussed this with my immigrant lawyer and he said i need to stay there for 2 years straight and 5 years straight if I’m planning to be a citizen there… I’ve been waiting for this my whole life but 5 years is too long and I’m already 29 years old now.. So I’ll start a family at the age of 34 or 35? Pls help who is also in a situation like this… I don’t know what to do… And if ill ask him, he seemed okay.. And dont mind at all… He said he is willing to wait… I know this is a lifetime decision to make and I don’t want to regret everything…

  17. Zazo Says:

    Hi.. I am a seaman gf too.. And yet this is my first experiencing a long distance relationship. And in a week he is leaving me for 8 months. I keep on thinking.. How do i coop with this? Can i do this? He keep on saying dont wait for him.. But my heart tell me to wait for him.. What shall i do? I am kinda new with this..

  18. yenz d. Says:

    I really miss him a lot. It’s very hard for me to cope with the situation because the relationship is still very fresh. But I am still willing to wait because I know how much we love each other.

  19. Shan Sai Yeo Says:

    Hi! It is such a relief to know that I am not the only one you have this dilemma.

    This is my first time to have a long distance relationship. The loneliness and emptiness haunts me every second of every hour of every day during the first few weeks of “him” being away from me. However, as I was reminiscing our happy moments together, it made me realize to think of another moment of being “happy together” and is thrilled by the thought of being reunited with my him when he get back.

    Each day is a struggle for me not to miss him, even my heart felt like it is to burst in an instant. At times, I thought of some silly ideas which beclouded my rational mind. I asked my closest friend at one time,” if am i just insecure or paranoid”, well, the reply i got was, ” He’s been with you in the most trying times of your life and i believe that he would not be that reckless to “flirt” while putting his relationship with you at risk. He is good inside and out. You’re a little bit paranoid but not insecure.”

    It was then I somehow understand how lucky I am to have him in my life that no matter how far the distance, I can truly be sure that I am always in his heart. I need to be strong for him, I have to be mature for him, I have to grow with him in faith, trust, loyalty, respect and love. I am not sure what the future holds,all I know that, He is worth the wait ,risk, my time, effort and love.

    That I am anchored infinitely and steadily in his heart even I am miles away.

    I am keeping all my Faith to God, so He will continue to strengthen our love for each other. I love him so much..

  20. Juneser Says:

    i girls i’m so glad to find a site where a seaman’s girlfriend like me express their heartaches and happiness. i am a seaman’s Girlfriend too for 3yrs. and ds coming March will be his first joining, i will be waiting for a year for him to come back. i just hope he will be safe and stay loyal in our relationship. Co’z i’m very much willing to wait for him until he comes back. it’ s soo hard to do things on my own now, were in fact before we used to do things together, his more than a boyfriend to me now, it’s quit sad how things would change if his away.

  21. krisianabell Says:

    hi, i am too… as i read this ,, i can also imagine and relate myself, to what is everybody’s experiencing, especially if you are in a LDR, and you have a seaman boyfriend. Though at times may be tough, but still if you will just come to think about, it, those hard times will keep your faith to each other stronger. YOu will both, grow, and mature in your own ways if you will keep God in the center of your relationship.And i wish , for our relationship, that whatever, trials and circumstances we will face, we will remain calm and vented, and stay inlove always.

  22. Iel labiano Says:

    I’m a seaman’s girlfriend too! Experiencing this situation is really hard but for the sake of your loved one you will survived.

  23. Beeby Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one on this kind of situation. Though he’s not yet on board ,still waiting for his contract and departure, I can’t imagne he’d be going away from me for 1year .its our first time to be that far. In our 2yrs and 7mos of being together and seeing each other almost everyday,spending each time atleast 5hrs a day ‘everyday’, I really don’t know what to do when he’ll go away,away from me.I am taking my board exam months frm now and I don’t know how to deal with pressure and managing emotional stability. I am a very weak girl,and reminiscing our time and moments together always makes me cry. I don’t knw what to do on that day he’ll go away. I’m so depressed .

  24. Jud Says:

    seaman’s ex-gf here.. i think seafarer’s value the family relationship too much either blood related or not. It is frustrating for them too being away with their loved ones, and the sunset at the ocean from a sailin’ ship across the pacific or atlantic is so lonely. so, when they got to go home, fill that love and care they missed for the past 6, 9, or 10 months. by the way, I’m a wife to that seaman now and we got 1 child working for more!

  25. dan Says:

    hello there! hearing you all is a bit quite a relief. Yes! same as you, I am also a seaman’s girlfriend… indeed it’s a bit hard knowing that you and your partner will be miles apart but the good thing is that knowing both of you have its goal to achieve together and having God as your center of everything hey! what could happen?think positive! wishing us all a happy and triumphant LDR with our best of MAN,our seaman. 🙂 i’ll be leaving a something that might help inspired you.
    – “If you want to live together, you first need to learn to live apart”

  26. Jas Flawless GC Says:

    🙂 I love my seafarer. We always put God first and we remind each other to pray and be patient and continue to be sweet in our emails. Emails…because that’s mostly how we communicate. It’s never easy but it’s not so hard to wait either if both of you have goals (marriage and being happy ever after) hehe. 🙂

  27. Shenna may ungon Says:

    Im a seamans girlfriend and just like you he needs to be away for 9 months.its my first to have a LDR and its really hard right now.He left last Nov.03,2015..just fee days ago but its like already like a year.Im praying that God will me the strength that I need in order to survive this.

  28. cathryn Says:

    HI i’m a seaman’s girlfriend too.it’s really hard for having a long distance relationship.But as long as we love and trust each other I know we can make it till the end.

    He is onboard now his contract will end this feb 2016 , I miss him so much Its been 7months since we been together, I want to hug him and see him but this nov 29 I will going to UAE ,i will be working as a nurse .I know we both dont want to be so far away ,and we want to see each other but i need to leave for our future .Weve been togetherfor 4 years ,were both sad because may be after 2-3years before we met again 😔.But I believe in God he has a plan for us 😊..After I work der i promise to him that I will marry him after my contract 😊😍..

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