“I had a bad day…… “

“I had a bad day…… ”

This song keeps on playing in and out of my mind. I can only say “grrrrrrr…….”

I got a “love letter” that no one in the office would want to receive. I just wish it really is a love letter but unfortunately its not. A love letter with no flowers and chocolates at all. GUess you know what I mean, its an incident report a.ka MEMO. grrrr again.

We (with my other three teammates) were accused of “loafing during working hours” like chatting as in talking loudly with the team mates. Hay naku, it was unintentional. We would never want to bother anybody specially “them” — no, I don’t want to mention names here. Yeah I admit at times we are noisy. But this is the only way we can release the stress from this stressful job. Bottom line is, we are doing our job right… we are still working.



enough of this. kakasira ng mood. I accepted it wholeheartedly na lang. Anyways, it’s just a SHIT of paper. oh! forgive me for that. Just need an outlet for this.

P.S. I am not used to writing this kind of stuffs. No, I don’t hate anybody coz hating is not my game.

Whatever is the outcome of this. I’m hoping for the best.


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