Getting married SOON

I decided to write this official statement regarding this matter. Because not a single day have to pass not being asked by this question. In such a way that answering it, makes me feel like a broken disc, tama ba? sirang plaka in tagalog! nyahahaha!


Kelan daw ba kami magpapakasal ni boyfriend?

Getting married for me, is as easy as having a boyfriend or girlfriend in a day, or making friends with somebody in a second, for instance. Yes, it’s E.A.S.Y, hardest part is HOW to KEEP it! And KEEPING a marriage in a right track is like solving a puzzle. Wherein, all the pieces are given already, all you need to do is connect it properly. In marriage, these pieces are LOVE, RESPECT, FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL STABILITY. Confused and can’t solve it? Then your LOST! But if you think that it’s over, worry NOT. Just like in any marriage, being LOST in the right track is normal. That is why couple have each other to help one another in making their marriage back into happy life again. Heard this in every wedding rites, ” for richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health, till death do us part”.

I mentioned earlier about LOVE, RESPECT, FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL STABILITY, to name few of the BASIC requirements in getting married. Lack one and your marriage life will be at risk. Yes, we love each other, we feel that he is meant for me, and I am meant for him. With all my heart, I respect him. But thing is, LOVE is not just enough. I am not being materialistic here, believe me. I am speaking in behalf of my boyfriend coz we share the same thought. We are just being practical, after all, you can’t just say: “Honey, 12 o’clock na, kainin na natin ang Pagmamahal or Honey, pambayad natin ang pagmamahal sa MERALCO, can it be? Yes, me alone is earning a four digit every month. But it’s not enough specially with the kind of economy that we have? I am single, yet I still ran out of money. What more if I already have a kid? Heard my officemate mother, complaining about the financial problem which leads to a fight with his husband. Whoa! No I don’t wanna scare myself, I don’t wanna scare you. These are reality. Aside from that, we don’t have a house yet, that we can call our own, even if it’s just a simple one coz I do want to stay forever with my parents. I want them to stay with me — coz it’s a different thing.

In our case, I set a different requirements for him without of course compromising the BASIC requirements mentioned above. These are just extra thing. However, I will not talk about it here. If he had already accomplished those requirements, it will only mean one thing: KASALAN NA! nyahaha!

It’s not about having a perfect marriage life. Who would NOT want a perfect marriage anyway? However, there is NO such thing as perfect marriage and perfect couple. It’s a another long story to tackle.

I can sense what you’re thinkin’.No one one would ever believe want I’m talkin about. What do I know about marriage? I’m NOT married yet! geeeez. Bottom line is, try it to yourselves! Afterall, your marriage life is what you will make it. The answer still lies in your hands.

Whoa! I didn’t notice, I had already gone this long. I am trying to make this as short as possible. Well, You see? Talkin about marrige, getting married and how to keep the flame burning, would mean talking about it your wholelife long.

Going back to the question. Kelan daw ba kami magpapakasal ni boyfriend? My answer would be: We are getting married SOOn. Big question is, HOW SOON IS SOON? Only GOD knows, for GOD will set the best place and time for us, that’s for sure!


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