Backstreet Boys Fanatic ever…

My being a backstreet boys fanatic strikes again…Oh how I miss my boys. hahaha!

While I was browsing on the net, I saw their pictures. Still remember my elementary and high school days. I am really a big fan of them. I would even buy their huge pics and post ’em in my room; borrowed cd’s and cassette tapes from my clasmates and play their songs over and over again…

I’ve had a lot of fave songs, fave song artists, fave boy bands but only one group remains in  my heart – my boys – the backstreet boys. Coz ya know what? these boys won’t break my heart. bwahahaha! spell a.d.i.k! wait ..wait… tama na about that… di alam ni jepoy pinagsusulat ko..hahaha! baka ma check point ako.. L.A.G.O.T! ! ! nyahaha! anyway, okay lang yun… i’m just reminiscin’ the past. hehehe!

I used to be soooo Backstreet boys fanatic. Well, I really have to support my Ex. yah! For everyone out there who does not know my past yet. Yes. Nick Carter is my Ex… he is my Ex supah Idol… hahaha!

Though the original member Kevin Richardson left the group on June 23, 2006 to begin a family according to a report. The four boys remain to be unbreakable. Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and  A.J. McLean are still rockin’ the chart and my h.e.a.r.t whew!

I’m quite busy right now with my fafa Jeff ever, so i’m no longer updated with them anymore. But once in a while I try to read news about ’em, so I’ll be able to update myself with the latest buzz about ’em.


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