A message for a friend

Seems that every couple I know is facing the hardest trial in their relationship ever. I could almost hear everyone talking about the latest break ups in town. Its becoming a trend these past few months. Well, its up to you if you will go with this latest “trend”.

One thing I learned is to be grateful and give all the sweetest love you can give without limit, without holding back of your feelings, for you will never know, after all of the years, you’re gonna wake up one day alone, hugging nothing but a cold wind and kissing a teardrop realizing that it will never be the same again.

This blog is gettin’ serious already. So here, just wanna share somethin’ nice. It’s about my good friend (and her jowa), whom I prefer not to mention their identities and the every detail of their story. I do not want to put her private life in the eye of the judgmental public.

A simple yet so adorable girl, who is so similar to me when it comes to love. She’s willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of love. She’s not martyr though, as what you may think she is. Like normal girlfriend, it came to a point that she almost had given up and wanted to end the relationship. Just when she thought it’s over for them and that love no longer exists between them, comes a a brighter day for them.

Cliche as it may seem, it’s true that HONESTY is still the BEST POLICY. She honestly admitted to her boyfriend everything that has been bothering her lately, everything she’s feelin’ bad about him, though it hurted his boyfriend a lot. Her honesty, made his boyfriend love her more. They ended up the conversation realizing that they don’t want to lose each other. And all is well that ends well.

This message goes to you friend…

I’m happy for the both of you, friend. Hope your relationship would last forever. Be strong. Never ever forget to ask for God’s guidance. Take care Always, “Anik”.

Love you…

From your kapwa Anik.


3 Responses to “A message for a friend”

  1. Marlyn Says:

    i was just reading your message to your friend.grabe i was so touch of it..nakakaiyak,to your friend i wish a luck to them and godbless.im speach less.to you and to your husband take care allways and may have plenty of bleesing you will received.

  2. Rhiz Says:

    thanks Marly…… =)

  3. barbi Says:

    i just happen to read thru ur blog about ur friend. im close to tears already, trying to control lang kc and2 ko ofce..hay, i can relate well, a lot of break ups happen nga kc the couple don’t talk about their problems and are not honest about what they really feel..

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