If you can remember my previous posts, I tackled about me getting married. Learning my situation, a friend told me, getting pregnant is not a reason to get married. Well his right, Ofcourse I want to. We are planning to get married. Its just that this wonderful gift came beforehand. Who am I to reject it? it’s the best blessing ever – Jeff and I are going to receive from Above.

while some are excited and happy for us, ofcourse some are not. There goes the saying, You can’t please everyone. Well, sorry. I will neither please you today nor tomorrow.

As long as we are happy. I don’t care about those people who are so narrow-minded. we are just so lucky that we are blessed with this. For sure my life is interesting than them… Cheers!

As of now, we are the most happiest couple on Earth, knowing that our parents are very supportive of us, “true” friends happy, and baby is coming! whew!


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