A poem for my baby

To My Khyrztyn Chloe

The moment, your Dad and I knew, we are havin’ you,
Our hearts was full of happiness…
Felt like we are so blessed,
Keep thanking God for giving us a bundle of joy, that is you.

Though, it’s uneasy, your pretty mom is here, I’ll surely will NOT succomb.
So baby, be safe and feel my love, as you you stay in my womb;
for soon you’re about to explore the world,
Daddy and I is here, to guide and prepare you for the beauty you’re about to behold.

My baby, We wanna give you everything…
All the love and happiness this world can bring,
We will be the best Mom and Dad,
To you baby Khyrztyn Chloe, whom we are about to have.


One Response to “A poem for my baby”

  1. aRis Says:

    super nice poem. dapat recite mo yan rhiz para mapakingan ng baby ehehe.

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