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Early Christmas Gifts from Santa Jeff

November 28, 2008

It’s Christmas time again. Signs? it’s pretty much obvious – radio stations keep on playing Christmas songs almost everyday; everybody are busy thinking about Christmas decorations; thinking about gifts to give and gifts they are about to receive. Pretty sure, all are excited about this.

Talkin’ about gifts…. I already got an early Christmas gifts from my Wafu Honey. yahoooo! Always on the go with my Acer Aspire One Blue (windows xp edition). This one is so cute, I can bring it anywhere I want, to easy connect with my Honey. I got a cool name for my Acer Aspire One — “JeePee” ‘**wink**

Another nice gift from my Honey, a new sonny ericson p1i. whew! I also got a name for this — “Reezee”

… my new buddies …..

J e e p e e



and R e e z e e


Thank you so much Hon for the wonderful gifts…..



My pregnancy Update

November 4, 2008

As write this blog, I’m currently on my 6 and a half months of pregnancy. One week more to go for my second trimester to end and start another stage of pregnancy — the third trimester.

The second trimester has been a great experience for me. It was when the time I realize my worth of being a real woman, realizing my worth to be able to give life. I am more concern of myself now that I should always feel okay everyday. Not that I am being self-centered, this is becuase I have to take care of my baby inside my womb, since my health is my baby’s health too. I want all the best for my child. Another reason I enjoyed my second trimester? I feel more beautiful now that I’m pregnant… cheers to good life… thanks to my husband whose telling me I am beautiful every single day! (…”this does not mean that I would always want to be pregnant… na’ah! lol…….”family planning of course, ayt husband? lol … )

Though there are inevitable circumstances that happened along the way, even on my second trimester. Of course there’s the occurence of nausea and vomiting, head ache, feeling of tiredness – all these things are but just normal to any pregnant woman. Thanks God, it was not like the experience I had when I was on my first trimester of pregnancy, which I can described as a rollercoaster which I never enjoyed and hasn’t given me any fun at all. geeeez!

Here comes third trimester….seven.. eight… nine months! time to share and spend beautiful moments with my baby Khyrztyn Chloe… yahoo! I’m excited…we are excited about this… =)