Early Christmas Gifts from Santa Jeff

It’s Christmas time again. Signs? it’s pretty much obvious – radio stations keep on playing Christmas songs almost everyday; everybody are busy thinking about Christmas decorations; thinking about gifts to give and gifts they are about to receive. Pretty sure, all are excited about this.

Talkin’ about gifts…. I already got an early Christmas gifts from my Wafu Honey. yahoooo! Always on the go with my Acer Aspire One Blue (windows xp edition). This one is so cute, I can bring it anywhere I want, to easy connect with my Honey. I got a cool name for my Acer Aspire One — “JeePee” ‘**wink**

Another nice gift from my Honey, a new sonny ericson p1i. whew! I also got a name for this — “Reezee”

…..meet my new buddies …..

J e e p e e



and R e e z e e


Thank you so much Hon for the wonderful gifts…..



2 Responses to “Early Christmas Gifts from Santa Jeff”

  1. Rashid Says:

    wow! bongga sa gifts! šŸ˜›

  2. dGreat Says:

    nice gifts.. haha.. kauyam ka narumduman ko n nmn an na p1i.. gustuhun ko an dati.. hays.. pabakala na sako.. lolz

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