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Mother n Child

April 7, 2009

mommy and chloe


give me that wonderful smile
make my world stop spinnin’ for awhile
look at me
talk to me in a language that only you and I understand.
touch me with those tiny little hands.
Make each of my day bright, today and tomorrow,
That is all I ask of you.


I’ll give you my beautiful smile
Make your world stop spinnin for a while
I’ll look at you
and talk to you in a language that only you and I understand.
I could only touch you with my two tiny little hands,
To let you know, how much I thank and love you,
I thank you for bringing me into this world,
The unconditional love and care you give me, and those sleepless nights
Hoping that I could make your day bright.


Key to Life

April 7, 2009

Life doesn’t start in “e” and ends in “z”
know that it’s not always easy
we can only go forward
move on and wait for life’s reward
no sense in doing CONTROL, ALT, DELETE
to re-start it.

Each one of us is unique
Make a difference, that’s a technique.
Copy and paste is not a way
Avoid CONTROL X and V; a happy life you’ll soon see.

Control Z to undo
Is all we wish to do
to correct all the mistakes we’ve done
To edit everything we wish we’ve NOT done.

Life doesn’t always as easy as we want it to be.
Long and winding road in this life’s journey.
Just let God control everything,
Accept that He is the Master and we are just human being
Let God live in our hearts;
Know that He is there for us, willing to take the rest, we just need to do our part.