About Me

Hi I’m Rhiz. A simple girl who rocks Jepoy’s world! Yah right. I’m inlove. Obviously, I’m happy and I thank God for that.

I was born on December 30, 1985 and originated from the Land of Oragons. Bicol – my home sweet home!

Aside from my Pretty Boy whose making my life complete, I got a wonderful family whose supporting me all the way. Their unconditional love gives me all the positive vibes on earth so I am able to do everything I wanna do in my life. I got a policeman father. A “full time” mother. Three equally pretty sisters And two handsome brothers.

I love my friends. I got plenty of friends! If I am comfortable talking and be with you, then I’d like you to be part of the circle. I’m naturally born to be a loving person, that is why I’m also tryin’ to love those who hates me. Meron ba?

I am Introvert in some ways. I have no night life. I haven’t been to a bar. One day, in my most wildest dream, I wanna go there to party. party. party all night long. But the thing is, I would rather stay home than mingle with party people. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink.

I believe I got a lot of confidence to say I have a very strong sex appeal *wink*, to say I’m cute. *wink again* I’m pretty and hot! See? that is why I love to write. I can write whatever I want. Hahahaha!

You think I got all the “confidence” that I am talking about? Then, think again. I got a lot of frustrations. I am frustrated model, singer, dancer, flight attendant and a lot more.

These are the things I believe into: “All or nothing”, “Now or never”, “Love is Forever”, “God is LOVE”, “Till-death-do-us-part thing”. These are my guiding principles in life.

Currently I’m into Blogging – I love to write, to share and to learn more. I love camera, to take picture. I wanna learn more about photography. I’m also into Internet.. friendster. And to top it all I’m Addicted to Jeff – L-O-V-E rules! yeah!

To know more about me. Here are the other sites I manage:



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