Lessons Learned In My Life’s Journey

Life is journey. We may ask ourselves if it is really worth living. The answer is of course YES! Life has many wonderful things to offer. We might ask ourselves of our real purpose here on Earth, why do we live? Why are we still alive? That, we could not answer in one day. It would take life-long to be able to define the true meaning of life and our purpose here on Earth.

This page is all about my worth. Lessons I’ve learned in life. All my undertakings and its consequences…

This is specially made for those people who are close to me. They help me see the real beauty of life. They help strenghten my personally, my whole being.

Cheers to good life!

* * * * * * * * * *

LIFE IS WONDERFUL…IN my life I learned not to be scared in risking something..Let me share this quote I got from one of my fave movies — The Prince and Me (2)……….”NOTHING IS WORTHWHILE  IN LIFE UNTIL YOU TAKE RISK “.  — Prince Edvard to Paige Morgan.

I may have doubts in my heart. It might not work. I may failed in the end. I’m not afraid of these things. Who knows the kind of happiness I will be getting on the risk I took. Anyways, this is my life. I am ready for the consequences of this. But I will never ever let myself suffer from NOT getting what I want in my life just because I was scared to take risk. Never will I deprive myself from the happiness I know I will only get from this. This is a new experience for me. Everything lies in my hands. Thanks God. Thanks to my family. Thanks Honey.

I don’t care about what other people would tell about me. They don’t even know the real me. Gossips, Lies — these are the things they only know and keep them alive. So. Why would I believe in them?


My mother is the best creature I’ve known in my life. Most understanding and loving mom in the world.


As long as I got the person I love – the one who gives me strength and everything, I will never ever feel sad and lonely. I am happy coz I got my wafu honey. I love him so much!


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